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By January 11, 2018January 16th, 2023No Comments

This weekend looks to be the first really good weekend of spring in quite a few months. A lot of you will be out in the yard working for the first time! Keep these things in mind!

1. Warm up good – most of you have moved and aren’t in full yard work condition yet, so make sure to start slow and warm up.

2. Don’t over do it! I know you have 30 hours of work to get done over the weekend and only 10 hours to do it, but again your body isn’t used to this kind of work, so take it easy. You have all summer to get things done.

3. Lift properly. Don’t get lazy, make sure to tighten (engage) your core at least 20% before lifting, and yes even the 5lb thing will mess you up if you don’t use your core first.

4. Stay hydrated. This will help you recover faster and lessen fatigue.

Well there are a few ideas for you! And if by some chance you finish in your yard early, come on over to mine and help out! 🙂

Dr. Wood