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Vicki has been a coach at Live Well Chiropractic for 6+ years. She is one of the reasons why we have Ideal Protein in the office. After finding out she was pre-diabetic and suffering for headaches that were due to carbs, Dr. Wood and Vicki decided to put Ideal Protein in the office. Vicki is a successful Ideal Protein follower, losing 32 lbs in 8 weeks, when the protocol was first established in the office. Vicki is also the office manager of Live Well Chiropractic, as well as maintains a busy schedule outside the office. 

Dr. Wood

Dr. Wood coaches for Ideal Protein as well. For years Dr. Wood looked for a system to put into his office that not only help patients lose weight to help out there back issues, but also, to get his patients off drugs that they were taking due to poor eating habits. Upon looking into Ideal Protein, he and his wife decided it was the perfect fit for the office. Dr. Wood loves seeing the patients that he coaches as well as the ones he doesn’t, change their lives and get healthier. Dr. Wood brings his knowledge that he has learned over 25+ years of being a chiropractor plus the reading and learning he does outside the office to the table when dealing with dieters. He looks forward to seeing you in the office.


Rachel has been with the office for 2+ years.  She first came on to help out at the front desk but then moved to Ideal Protein as the need arose.  She is an excellent coach


Ann joined our staff in February of 2019.  In anticipation of Rachel having a baby, Ann came on to help out during Rachel maternity leave.  Ann is one of our most successful dieters.  She lost over 60lbs and has kept it off.  Ann is 70+ years old, proving that at any age you can lose weight successfully on Ideal Protein.

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